Get Industry Ready!

Get Industry Ready

Riverside Music College is committed to ensuring that our students receive the most industry relevant learning experience, so that they leave here not only with an SQA accredited qualification, but also with a professional portfolio of work, ready to take the next step in their career.

We believe that our ethos and approach to learning, sets our HND courses apart from all other options available to candidates seeking an education in music industry learning.

Which sounds great, doesn’t it?!? But you probably want to know how we achieve this…

RMC Industry Award

During their 2 year HND, our students work towards achieving the RMC Industry Award by building a working CV and Practical Portfolio through their Professional Development Project (PDP). The Industry Award is based on practical and occupational outputs of PDP subjects and involves candidates participating in extra-curricular, cross course and professional activities. The award is graded (Pass/Merit/Distinction) on the professionalism demonstrated in these activities, with attention also on the student’s attendance, application, progress and professional attitude.

Practical Learning environment

We are a college completely dedicated to music industry learning, nothing else, and our creative campus fully reflects this. Designed by musicians and music industry professionals, our college is built around the existing Riverside Studios, a successful commercial enterprise which has been operating within the Music Industry for over 30 years. Our students benefit from studying in a real working commercial environment, unrivalled by any other college in Scotland. Our campus features; 2 High spec production studios, A Live performance area, 3 impressively equipped pre-production studios, a 24 station IT/Mixing Suite, a lecture theatre and much, much more. 

Cross-Course opportunities

We offer our students the chance to work alongside their peers from different disciplines / courses and believe that this helps to develop networking and team working skills, which are crucial in building an Industry Career. There will always be musicians available for our Production students to record, and Sound engineers available to work with our performance students, leading to even more opportunities to gain practical studio experience.

Making Every Unit Count!

Every single unit on our HND courses is selected and designed specifically with the future career of our students in mind. Whether focussed on practical application, theory, or the inner workings of the industry, every unit counts towards the development of our students as future music industry professionals.

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