ABRSM Music Theory

Congratulations to all RMC students who recently passed their ABRSM Music Theory grade 5. 80% of passes were achieved with distinction! Read what some of our students had to say about the course…

(Pictured with RMC Lecturer Kevin Kerr)

Kev was a massive support, he broke down huge topics into understandable chunks that related back to what I had already learned with Riverside’s music theory unit. Having Kev as a lecturer for my grade 5 class was incredibly engaging and fun, he keeps the conversation interesting even on the more tedious topics! A big thank you to Riverside and Kev for helping me get through grade 5 music theory!” 

– Rachel Roberts

“Doing grade 5 theory with Kev has been an absolute pleasure. It’s taught me an immense amount about music theory, with Kev going above and beyond to make sure I actually grasp the concepts at play and understand the techniques we use in the test, instead of just studying for the test. Would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of music theory!” 

– Tom White

“I loved studying the ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory! It was challenging, but totally worth it. Learning all the content was tough, but my lecturer, Kevin Kerr, made it so achievable. When it comes to Grade 5, if you put in the hard work, it’ll definitely pay off! ” 

– Sarah Forrest

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