RMCplus+, our Extracurricular Project Development Programme, is a unique opportunity for our students to build a working CV and high quality practical portfolio, preparing them to confidently take the next steps in their chosen career or further studies.

Riverside Music College is committed to ensuring that our students receive the most industry relevant learning experience, so that they leave here not only with an SQA accredited qualification, but also with a professional portfolio of work, ready to take the next step in their career.

One of the key benefits of RMCplus+ is the opportunity to network with and learn from those working in the Industry. Check out this video from when SOMA came to visit.

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Employers and Universities already view our students in the highest regard in terms of their skills, knowledge and professional attitude - RMCplus+, our extracurricular project development programme, aims to take this to the next level and gives our students an even greater advantage in this competitive industry. The programme combines Industry workshop events and tutor led self study... This provides an opportunity to learn from, and network with, professionals who work in your chosen career pathway AND gives you even more hands on experience with our equipment and facilities. We are unrivalled when it comes to practical learning! RMCplus+ strengthens our commitment to providing students with a career focused and relevant learning experience, ensuring they spend their time here getting industry ready and leave here with a professional portfolio and CV to be proud of!

Our students also benefit from...


Cross-Course Opportunities

We offer our students the chance to work alongside their peers from different course disciplines, providing the opportunity to develop networking and team working skills, which are essential to building a successful career as an industry professional. Our unique cross-course activities ensure our students benefit from even more practical music industry experience, helping them to build an extensive, high quality, professional portfolio of work.


Making Every Unit Count

Every single unit on our HND courses is selected and designed specifically with the future career of our students in mind. Whether focussed on practical application, theory, or the inner workings of the industry, every unit counts towards the development of our students as future music industry professionals.


Practical Learning Environment

We are a college completely dedicated to music industry learning. At the centre of our creative campus is one of Scotland’s most celebrated production studios. Offering state-of-the-art commercial facilities, candidates from all subject areas have access to real-life work placement opportunities throughout their studies. We adapt our courses to reflect developments from within a constantly changing industry and invest heavily each year to ensure we offer the very best in technology based learning.

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