As part of the Young Enterprise programme provided by Williamwood High School, Riverside Guitar student Elias Voukelatos and his classmates were tasked with creating a new business.

They formed ‘outplay’, a company who specialise in providing starter packs for beginner musicians. Three of the young entrepreneurs have been playing guitar for a number of years, so they decided to launch with a starter guitar pack with plans in place to branch out to a wider range of instruments in future.

“We understand how important budgeting is to someone just starting off, this is why we have made our kit as affordable as possible while still delivering a high-quality experience for the player”.

When discussing how studying at Riverside aided the development of the product, Elias stated:

“Waiting for my lessons, I was able to see players of all ages arriving for their first lessons, we knew we had to cater to these people as the instrument market is currently overwhelmed with products for the seasoned musician.”

“Attending face to face tuition made me realise how a guitar should look. Gazing at the pristine condition of my tutor’s instrument opened my eyes to the level of care your guitar requires to keep it in tip-top shape. Our kit will allow you to ensure your guitar is maintained to this high level”.

The Outplay Guitarist starter pack contains;

-Cleaning Cloth
-Slide Ring
-Restringing tool.

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