Audio Post Production

Riverside engineers are experts in mixing and post-production audio. we provide professional audio mixing for a broad range of productions.

Audio mixing is an integral part of the production process, as a means of ensuring each element of the recording binds to form the final sonic experience. Services are provided onsite or remotely to suit the clients requirements. 

The Process...

What Does Audio Mixing Entail?

As defined, audio mixing is a process in which sounds are combined into channels. Here, dynamics, frequency, and other aspects are altered, and certain effects may be added to enhance the sound. While this could sound like some simple manipulation, the audio mixing process actually calls for extremely focused work. Audio mixing is used to achieve an appealing sound for listeners whether the are listening to Spotify, a podcast, watching Youtube, a movie on Netflix or a live performance.

Typically, audio mixing is the second step in the physical recording process, which is essentially the first step in audio post-production. Unless the artist specially requests otherwise, the sound engineer will first edit or ‘clean’ the recordings to expel background noise and remove any extraneous or unwanted sounds.

Then each recording, or sound, is output through separate tracks on the SSL mix console and mixed to ensure each track has the clarity it deserves. From here, the track is mastered to ensure that clarity is maintained across all playback devices and the audio can be enjoyed either through cinema systems or earbuds.


Importance and Benefits of Quality Audio Mixing

Quality mixing is essential to the end product of your production. When the sound quality of anything is poor, it reflects on the rest of the production. This is why audio mixing is such an integral part of the professional production process. Poor sound will distract viewers and listeners and will have a negative impact on their experience of the entire production.

When you do achieve high quality sound through audio mixing, the results can be extraordinary. Especially in film, when the viewer does not even notice the carefully crafted soundscape they are absorbed into. In addition to having a great production complemented with exceptional sound, you’ll keep viewers and listeners engaged.


How much does it cost?

Every project is unique, so we’re happy to discuss your project and put together a package that meets all your needs and fits your budget.

How long will it take?

This depends on the complexity of the project. Exact timings will be confirmed on booking.

Do you master?

As standard, we deliver masters as WAV and MP3 / AAC files, as well as a DDP image ready for CD Manufacture.