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“When I write music I try to just let things happen and if it works, it works. I try to experiment with as many different styles and genres as I can to learn new techniques that I can add to my own music. My single “You Don’t Want to Help Yourself” is definitely a sad sounding ballad but I have unreleased music that contrasts to that. If I was to pick a genre to match my music, it would be alternative.”

Kaleigh Howden

“I have been a country music fan my whole life, Chris Stapleton in particular has played a significant role in my passion for music.

My writing style is largely indie pop inspired, although within my college band I enjoy performing rock music, among other genres.”

Fraser Comrie / The Flaming Cowboys

I would describe my music as a mix between Country and classic rock. I have been using Dire Straits and Pink Floyd as inspiration for the techniques for solos that I have been playing, and I’m utilising these skills to make my own music. On top of this, I also listen to some country music, from artists such as Johnny Cash, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Rogers, and many more. These artists I have listened to for quite a while, and I have looked into the stories behind songs to see if I could create my own music using similar topics for the story.


Jay Malley

My music is written to be as relatable as possible to the listener covering familiar topics. Things like heartbreak and being in love.

The song itself I guess you’d have to call it a mature heartbreak song. The song is written from my own experience of losing a relationship and not really knowing why.