Duncan Cameron

A founder/ partner in Riverside Studios, Duncan began his career as a performer, signing to Atlantic Records in the mid 80’s and opening Riverside Studios with brother John in 1989.

The brothers quickly established the studio as the base for a host of national and international artists, with Duncan producing and engineering for an impressive range of clients over a wide range of genres and styles.

Rock and Pop clients include Mason Hill, Ariel, BMX Bandits, Teenage Fanclub, The Supernaturals, The Jesus and Mary Chain, UK Subs, AC Acoustics, Superstar, Eugenius, Mogwai, Big Country, Trashcan Sinatras, The Delgados, James Kirk, Arab Strap, Del Amtri, Love and Money, Shane Magowan and Travis.

US clients include Jerry Lee Lewis, Dan Penn, Kim Fowley, Alex Chilton, Mathew Sweet.

Remix clients include Ian Brown (Stone Roses), L.L. Cool J, Pete Rock, Silvabullet and Wu-Tang Clan off-shoot Sullen.

Traditional clients include The Celts, Emily Smith Band, Kate Rusby, John McCusker, John Sheehan, Joannie Madden.

Classical clients include London Session Orchestra, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Scottish Ballet, The Military Wives Choir.

Ross Cameron

Over the past two decades, Ross has progressed through the ranks at Riverside, earning his stripes as tape op and assistant for many great engineers and producers, working with Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Calvin Johnston (K-Records), Kim Fowley (St Roch Records) and Joe Foster (Creation Records) to name a few.

In more recent times, Ross has taken on the role as one of the main engineer/producers in both of Riverside’s renowned Studios 1 and 2.


His clients include Lenzie Moss, The Telescopes (Creation/Tapete Records), St Deluxe (Poppy Disc/Dream Machine Records), Just Kiddin (Spinnin’ Records), The Plastic Youth – co-produced with Gerry Love of Teenage Fanclub and Lightships. He continues to add to the diverse and exciting roster of artists who choose Riverside and his expertise.


At the height of the pandemic in 2020, Ross lent his expertise and time to the Excluded UK national choir co-led by David Lawrence of London Symphony Orchestra, which in turn gathered airtime and exposure on behalf of the creative industries on a number of mainstream media outlets. 


Ross is also expert in recording and producing audiobooks and podcasts, working with best-selling authors like David Sawyer on his audio book Reset to meet ACX standards for platforms such as Amazon Audible. 


As well as this impressive roster of professional clients, Ross enjoys working on audio restoration and clean up to achieve the best possible standards and results for

Clients in need of this service.


Ross has also lent his talents as an experienced session and live drummer playing for The Telescopes, Damo Suzuki and Singapore Sling. As one part of Glasgow indie favourites, St Deluxe, he has supported acts which include Mudhoney, Johnny Marr, The Fall, Spiritualized and Suede. 

Stuart McCredie

Stuart started his career at an early age as the tape op at family owned Blackgold Studios. He currently owns and works from North Lodge Studios in Blanefield and is one of the most successful producers to come out of Scotland in recent years.

His list of credits for engineering, production and mixing includes: Craig Armstrong, Belle and Sebastian, Codeine Velvet Club, Deacon Blue, The Blue Nile, Paul Buchanan, Echo and The Bunnymen, Kelly Clarkston, Glasvegas, Jon Fratelli, The Fratellis, Steven Lindsay, Mick MacNeil, Calum Malcolm, Stephen Lindsay, Simple Minds and Texas. 

Stuart is available to produce, engineer and mix your project at Riverside.

Chris Sheldon

Chris Sheldon has produced and mixed for a host of international artists including the Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Feeder, Twin Atlantic, Therapy, Skunk Anansie and Mason Hill to name but a few.

Chris started out as a tea boy at London’s Utopia Studios in the 1980’s, working his way through the ranks to become an in demand in-house engineer.

He left Utopia to pursue a freelance career with immediate success.

His move into production in the 1990’s resulted in many critically acclaimed albums and he has been in constant demand as a producer and mixer ever since.

Based in London, Chris is available to book for mixing projects or artists recording at Riverside.

Shaun Neethling

From the very beginning music has always been a part of Shaun’s life whether playing or producing it. He started in live performance on drums at a very young age, learning multiple instruments including guitar, bass and keys throughout his career 

He has supported international acts Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, and has toured extensively.

His musical prowess has only strengthened his studio capability by aiding in the recording and post-production processes, allowing him to work alongside bands and independent artists and be part of the creation and writing process.

His production and engineering credits include: Gods Zoo (session drums & recording/mixing), Dylan John Thomas (Session Drums and bass, recording/ mixing/mastering) Marthasville.

Shaun is also a lecturer at Riverside Music College (from September 2017 till the present day) in subjects reflecting this experience and education – and incorporates all experiences gained by these commercial sessions.

Dave McClean

Dave is a Glasgow based musician, producer and studio engineer.

He started his engineering career at Riverside Studios in 1989, working with many artists including, Travis, Del Amitri, Gun, Craig Armstrong, Ronan Keating, Mason Hill and Sean Kennedy. 

Dave has formed various bands including, Regency buck (Dreamworks 2001), achieved international acclaim with Union of Knives (EMI 2007) and a No1 success with Monica Naranjo. 

His bespoke music has found it’s way onto many diverse shows such as Greys Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Smallville, Hollyoaks, Phil Spencer’s Secret Agent and Football Focus. He has had many works commissioned for adverts and even an eight-minute epic in the Tate Modern Gallery in London.