Rehearsal Rooms

We have three spacious state of the art rehearsal / pre production suites. Acoustically designed and professionally soundproofed each room provides top of the range equipment with free live digital recording. Included are recreational/vending machine facilities with internet and wireless broadband throughout.

Room Equipment

  • Marshall JVM205H 50 Watt Heads (with foot controllers) / 1960A 4×12 cabs
  • Marshall JCM2000 DSL (special anniversary edition) 50 Watt heads with Anniversary Series 6960A (blue) 4×12 cabs
  • Ampeg SVT Pro7 Heads with PF-410HLF 4×10 (Bass)
  • Soundcraft Signature 12 Analogue (12 Channel) mixers
  • Full backline monitors including; Yamaha DBR12 Active Speakers (Floor) and Yamaha DBR15 Active Speakers
  • Pearl Masters Series Drum Kits
  • Shure SM58 Microphones

Cymbals are not provided, however, are available for hire at additional cost. Additional instrument hire available on request.

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