Tell us about your past experiences relating to music and the music industry

When I was a kid, my father and his friend were both DJ’s/Remixers, so sometimes they would take me to parties and this style of performance with tech got me inspired to become a DJ/Remixer as well, along with them being the main influences to my love for rap music. I’ve performed in gigs as a rapper, beatboxer and singer, so in terms of music industry experience, even though I’m relatively new to performing, it’s always something Ive wanted to do.

Why did you want to study at Riverside Music College? 

For the most part it was due to the fact that I had already been in college for sound production, learning how to use studio equipment, how to set up gigs/PA systems, etc. I wanted something more performance based and when I came for the interview at Riverside Music College, I felt like I was where I belonged.

How has the HND Music Performance helped you – which skills, knowledge/ or which modules have been useful for you?

I believe that the best help I have received throughout the course has been through music theory and making the professional portfolios. They provide a massive conglomeration of information that is useful for the projects I will be working on in the future and any career paths I choose to pursue within the music industry.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently, I am working on an EP to follow the release of my last EP. This EP will be more on the melodic, emotional rap side, whereas my last EP was more hard-hitting, boom-bappy rap like how rap used to be in America a few decades ago.

I am also working on a full-length concept album for one of my friends through the use of an application called discord, where I can discuss what type of backing tracks they want and any edits I can make, then he can send me vocal files back. This is all done through Ableton which is my DAW of choice.

What are your future plans?

I plan to generate successful rap music and to boost the rap scene in Scotland, right now the rap scene is for the most part UK drill, Grime, MC’ing etc. But I want to create rap tracks that will cause Scotland to open up into more styles.

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