Since taking part in the HND Sound Production course, you have had some great success with your shows and releases. What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on building a more personal profile via Instagram and tik tok and promoting my next release throughout summer to get it to the highest level possible. I am, of course, also working on new music and it looks like I already have my next single lined up so it’s a big year ahead for me.

Why did you want to study at Riverside Music College?

I wanted to study at Riverside as music was always my biggest passion, however I just needed to figure out what I wanted to do with it and what direction to go with it and that’s where Riverside came in.

How has the Sound Production course helped you with your career – which skills, knowledge/classes were the most useful for you?

I found all of the classes really useful, however, I always enjoyed the DAW class the most. Obviously, this is the main path I have followed – producing, which has led to me being signed with Tiesto and even having him play my song on his channel. I also loved the studio and recording people live and learning mixing.

You are now signed to Cliff Top Records- what is it like having the backing of a label compared to self-releasing your music?

Yeah, it helps a lot, I signed with AFTR:HRS/Spinnin for this release. I had already gained a lot of hype via tik tok and SoundCloud, however, I didn’t realise how in-depth a release can go. With a label of this standard you have a higher chance of playlists, DJ support and overall streams and building your fan base as people from all around the world will get to know your name.

What traits or soft skills do you think are important for working in the music industry?

The best traits for working in the industry would honestly be commitment and consistency. I know it sounds a bit basic, however the walls you hit on the way and the years of hard work can really get to artists. My biggest advice would be get on social media and don’t just bank on your songs because they’re good, as this isn’t enough anymore. Labels want to see a fan base and that you can attract an audience and have a face and personality behind the music.

What is your dream venue or event for performing in future?

My dream venue would be red rocks and my dream festival creamfields, as I’ve been every year. Seeing Tiesto last year and being wowed and now getting signed and played by him just shows dreams can come true and anything’s possible.

What advice would you give to upcoming graduates for finding success after leaving the course?

I would say to the graduates to remain focused and when times get tough think of how disappointed you would be if you didn’t try and give your full potential to it. I almost quit last year and was going to America on a football scholarship, however, everything changed with the signing and I couldn’t be happier as this was all I’ve worked towards for years. Never doubt yourself when times get hard and just keep setting small goals. Also NETWORK!!! Send those emails everyday to every manager/ A and R possible. I spent hours a day doing this and I had a million knock backs before the success, so keep at it and don’t get lazy with it, because someone’s always around the corner ready to work harder or take your place.

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