What projects/releases are you currently working on?

I am currently in the midst of promoting the release of my newest single ‘Losing Another Love’ which is out on most streaming platforms on February 25th.
I am also working on some new music that I’m hoping to release in the coming months. Within college I am preparing for our next live performance. I am very excited for what’s to come.

How would you describe your music, and tell us about your musical background/influences?

I have been a country music fan my whole life, Chris Stapleton in particular has played a significant role in my passion for music. Although my music inspiration isn’t necessarily derived from this style, it is what inspired me to venture into singing and songwriting. Growing up, music played a major role in my life, from playing in school bands, to performing with the Highland Youth Wind Band on the trumpet, I took every musical opportunity. I was also part of ‘RockSchool’ back home, this gained me my first experience of singing/performing live with a band. My writing style is largely indie pop inspired, although within my college band I enjoy performing rock music, among other genres.

Why did you want to study at riverside music college?

I had several friends attend the college a year prior to me and they couldn’t recommend the course more. I was attracted to the performance based aspect of the course, and the level of opportunity I would be provided with. Riverside has an amazing reputation that speaks for itself – I would urge any young musician to join Riverside, I couldn’t recommend it more.

How has the HND music performance course helped you? which skills, knowledge or modules have been the most useful for you?

The live performance skills module has allowed me to work alongside like-minded people and create professional relationships in a musical capacity. I have gained the ability to create chemistry with other musicians. The business for musicians class has broadened my understanding of the legal aspect of being a professional in the music industry. This has helped me in the release of my new single, as there were several technical areas, such as copyright, that I had to ensure were covered before release.

What are your future plans?

I am very excited about “Losing Another Love’ coming out very soon. I would like to continue doing gigs within and out of college. I am working towards completing my HND and will hopefully progress to my third year studying at Riverside. I will continue writing music and busking, and I will hopefully have more music to release soon. I am excited to grow as a musician with the help of my tutoring at Riverside and all of the amazing opportunities they provide.

Losing Another Love will be released on February 25th on the following platforms:

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