Our featured student Louis Brownisky performing live, singing into a vocal mic. Quote reads "...since starting the course I have gigged all over Scotland and even down in Newcastle supporting “The View”. Without the performance and songwriting course none of this would have been possible."

Can you tell us about the process of writing and recording for SOUP’s EP?

Our writing process is almost always the same. Most of the time we sit in a rehearsal space and by luck someone will play something that makes the rest of the band’s heads turn. We will then spend the rest of our rehearsal time writing and developing the idea. Due to this, our process always feels incredibly natural and never forced. Alternatively if someone has been focusing on writing something on their own, they will then in hand develop that idea as much as possible before bringing it to the rest of the band.  

For the writing process of our first EP, we knew the exact direction we wanted to go. “SOUP” has two sides. Deep and fun. The first EP predominantly hones in on the fun factor but there are still some rather deep and heart filled tracks on there.   
In terms of the recording process, we always work with the talented Stefan Livingston (HND Audio Engineering). We found him to be the best producer that truly understands elements such as our sound, aesthetic and creative direction. Due to working alongside someone so familiar with the band, it makes recording sessions run overall a lot smoother and efficiently. We always live track guides to get the drums down first as this helps add a lot of depth, feel and overall groove to the track and the drums alone. Next is bass, then rhythm guitar, then lead and finally me (vocals). This all applies to our upcoming EP. 

Can you tell us a bit about your own musical influences? 

I was brought up on Grunge. Nirvana’s Nevermind and Pearl Jam’s 10 were the soundtracks of my childhood. As I got older and began obsessing even more over the 90’s Seattle Grunge Scene the more in love I fell with those crunchy, fuzzy tones and pain filled vocals and it made me realise, ever since I was old enough to understand, the world and all its options for me, I knew there was only truly ever going to be one. Music. Grunge still is my genre of choice, and it always will be but throughout my teenage years up until now I’ve thoroughly engrossed myself in the world of metal. Nu-metal is the big one and Korn being my absolute go to. I like music that makes you want to move but also makes you scratch your head and figure out what it’s all about. Nu-metal gives me that. Anger, pain, depth, injustice alongside fun, energetic and even comical at times. Real contrast. I became quickly obsessed and knew that was what I wanted to portray in my own music and lyrics.  

Why did you want to study at Riverside Music College? 

At the time I applied for Riverside I had also applied to a variety of other music courses and colleges. However, looking through the Riverside website, as well as conducting my own research through social media and watching promotional videos on the colleges YouTube, I automatically felt drawn in. Something about the vibe of the lecturers on the videos and how positive and thoughtful it all came across. The lecturers seemed to really care and take pride in their institution and students. So, after gathering all that information, Riverside was really the only sensible choice.  

How has the Music Performance course helped you – which skills/ knowledge/classes have been the most useful for you? 

Being on the music performance HND course has been highly beneficial as a musician and songwriter. Before the course I had never really stepped on a proper stage or even gigged. However, since starting the course I have gigged all over Scotland and even down in Newcastle supporting “The View”. Without the performance and songwriting course none of this would have been possible. The most useful classes have definitely been live performance and songwriting. Without those classes I would’ve had no idea where to begin in my musical career.

You’ve been acting as a mentor to the RMC Academy Band Experience class, how have you found the experience, what has been your biggest take away while working with the students? 

It has been a real privilege working with the students in the club. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and it has given me a lot to think about in terms of careers. I never considered teaching or lecturing a viable option for me as I just could never imagine myself in that sort of occupation but turns out I love it! Passing on knowledge and watching that knowledge be utilised and practiced in real time is so unbelievably rewarding and is a feeling I just want to keep chasing and I would never have discovered this sense of fulfilment if it wasn’t for the teen band club. The biggest takeaway from the experience is the fact that although I was there to guide and provide some teaching to them, they provided me with the exact same, tenfold.

What’s next in store for yourself and SOUP? 

The next steps in my career with SOUP are the finishing touches on our first EP and our King Tut’s headline at the end of August which will act as our launch gig for said EP, then something that may or may not follow it up followed by another launch gig…  

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