Tell us about your latest release…

I released my debut single “You Don’t Want to Help Yourself” last month. The song is about the type of person who acts as if their problems are more important than others but never actually wants to fix them. It’s now available on all streaming platforms.

Tell us about your own musical background/influences…

I have always had an interest in music, from the age of 6 I have been singing and from the age of 8 I have been playing the guitar. I never took music as a serious option for a career until I was around 15 when I wrote my first song. Shortly after this, the UK went into lockdown and I decided I was going to use the time to focus on music. I began to write more songs and started to record and produce songs in my room as well. This was an eye opener to me as I was starting to see more possibilities of working within the music Industry and I decided to leave school and study music full time at college. Some of my biggest influences have been Billie Eilish, Sam Fender, Oasis and Nothing But Thieves.

How would you describe your music?

When I write music I try to just let things happen and if it works, it works. I try to experiment with as many different styles and genres as I can to learn new techniques that I can add to my own music. My single “You Don’t Want to Help Yourself” is definitely a sad sounding ballad but I have unreleased music that contrasts to that. If I was to pick a genre to match my music, it would be alternative.

How has the Music Performance course helped you – which skills, knowledge/classes have
been the most useful for you?

All of my classes have been helpful for me as they are all very detailed and the lecturers are all very supportive. The live performance class is one of the core modules at riverside and has allowed me to meet many like minded people, work in professional studios and perform at live venues in Glasgow. It has definitely allowed me to grow in confidence as a performer and communicate more clearly with others.

Why did you want to study at Riverside Music College?

My family has used Riverside’s private tuition for many years so I knew that it had a high standard of teaching and a good reputation. It was the obvious choice for me as the course is practical based and prepares students for after college with a professional portfolio which many other colleges did not.

What are your future plans?

I plan to keep writing, recording and performing original music in the future. I have a few songs I am planning to take into the studio soon and have some performance opportunities coming up which is really exciting.

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