We caught up with HND Music Performance graduate Niall Gibson for a chat about his career and future plans…

What have you been working on since you left Riverside Music College?

I’m currently in my final year at UWS studying commercial music. I recorded two songs at The HQ Glasgow , released them in the spring and I’m booked in to record more – it’s a fantastic studio for anyone looking to record. I’m also playing my first live gig since the pandemic at Room 2 in Glasgow on 6th of August and I’m absolutely buzzing to get back to playing live.

How would you describe your music?

I’ve always been into Scottish/Irish Folk stuff but usually played Indie covers, so when I started writing my own music I tried to fuse the two. One radio presenter compared it to a Celtic infused Paolo Nutini. I’m in no way comparing myself to the big man but I was delighted with the compliment! Things I feel passionate about such as social injustice and mental health issues have been common themes for my songs. I love doing it and attempting to create a new sound. During my second year at Riverside I got the opportunity to jam with the traditional course students. It brought my writing of this style on so much and opened up so many opportunities.

What skills/knowledge from the HND Music Performance course were most useful to you?

Playing with so many different musicians improved my writing and performance skills massively. The business side was also really beneficial. Learning how to manage yourself, your brand and release your music in a constructive way is so important.

What are your plans for the future?

I’ll always carry on writing and releasing music firstly. Once I’ve finished my degree, I’d love to get into music education. I’m actually coming back to Riverside to volunteer next year. My interest in music education has come from my experiences at Riverside and the great things that happen there. There’s such a buzz about the place and big opportunities arise constantly so I can’t wait to come back and get involved.

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