Tell us about any recent projects you have worked on:

Most recently I’ve had the pleasure of working on an unreleased mix for Riverside’s Scott Feeney. It’s a lighter track than I’d normally work on, in terms of instrumentation and genre, and has really challenged some of my opinions and preferences for the better when it comes to mixing. The recording engineer and musicians have made my job easy, and it’s just been such a joy and honour to work with such talented individuals on a truly fantastic song.
Another recent project of mine has been working alongside sound engineer Joshua Lane, recording a live performance by ‘Cloaks’ in Glasgow’s Room 2. This gave me the chance to work outside of the studio and was a great learning experience for both Joshua and myself. Hopefully we’ll be working together again soon!

Tell us about your own musical background/influences- when did your passion for music

I’ve always had an interest in music from a young age, I started playing classical piano and violin in early primary school. I think what really brought out my passion was a later piano teacher of mine who taught me jazz and blues, encouraged improvisation and learning by ear, and really helped me understand evoking emotion within my playing. From then on I got my hands on any instruments I could playing drums, electric guitar, bass, saxophone and singing in various big bands, rock and funk bands, anywhere I could really.
Music was the only thing I was truly passionate about, and so I went on to study Commercial Music at UWS in Ayr, Scotland, obtaining my Honours degree in 2022.

Why did you want to study at Riverside Music College?

Throughout my University course I was involved in a number of projects; running gigs, writing for Tenement TV, recording several artists and working as a session musician. As I delved further into my time at UWS, I kept coming back to studio work, and realised that’s where my passion lies. Following the course I knew I wanted to specialise in studio engineering, and so asked around about next steps. When all fingers pointed to Riverside I arranged a tour and chat with the college, and here we are now!

How has the Sound Production course helped you – which skills, knowledge/classes have
been the most useful for you?

Ross Cameron’s Recording and Mixing class, as well as Russell and Sam’s extra-curricular recording sessions have advanced my knowledge and confidence tremendously over the year. Just working in the studio in various situations, encountering problems and sharing mixes and techniques has taught me so much.

How do you keep your motivation for projects throughout the academic year?

Thinking of my goals of earning real money as a studio engineer motivates me every day. That and seeing progression in my work, inspires me to keep working hard.

Do you feel there is a benefit in working with other students on assignments?

I certainly feel working alongside others can be beneficial. Whether you’re sharing knowledge and learning that way, or disagreeing and learning to compromise and negotiate, there’s always something new to take away.

What are you most looking forward to next year with the HND course?

I can’t wait to get into the larger upstairs Studio 1. I’m sure it’ll be challenging, but I’m eager to get stuck into all the analogue gear and to explore the possibilities within the space.

What’s one achievement you hope to accomplish in the next year?

I’d love to record a client in an external studio. The confidence in my ability to work freelance would greatly increase and it would be a great milestone in my career to hit.

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