Studio 1

With exceptional acoustics, our state of the art recording studio spans over 360m2. It offers a large performance area, multiple isolation / overdub booths and a spacious drum room, all designed to the highest technical specifications.

Our 50m2 control room boasts a 64 channel fully automated Amek Mozart Desk (EQ custom built by Rupert Neve), 48 track tape recording and Pro-tools HD3 system.

Studio 1’s impressive size means that it can comfortably accommodate full symphony orchestras, chamber music and choirs whilst still offering the flexibility and acoustic versatility any session requires.

Artists have the full exclusive use of this floor which includes: T.V. lounge, broadband access and many other recreational facilities.

Although Students studying on our music courses have access to the studio as part of their studies, it is located in a seperate area away from our main educational facilities.

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